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As with any piece of machinery that you buy, it requires regular servicing to keep it working efficiently, and it can prevent some problems before they arise.


The Heat Pump Group offers comprehensive heating repair and heat pump maintenance services on all brands of residential and commercial systems.


With regular maintenance you will prevent small problems from becoming big problems and ensure optimal performance of your system.


A short video introducing the Heat Pump Group and Fujitsi Heat Pumps.


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Energy rating Heat Pump Calculator (AU)

Heat pumps | EECA ENERGYWISEâ„¢
How heat pumps work, their efficiency and how to choose the best heat pump and get the best from it 

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Cost savings from converting a gas heater to a heat pump
This calculator allows you to determine the savings that could occur by installing a heat pump in a home now heated by a natural gas furnace.  You will need the following information: Cost of electricity, Cost of Natural Gas, Furnace Efficiency, Heat Pump COP, and the Amount of Gas used in an Average Heating Season

Fuel Price Comparison 
This calculator allows you to determine what the cost of other heating fuels would have to be in order to provide the equal amount of heat, their equivalent price. if the equivalent price of a fuel is higher then its actual price then that fuel is cheaper to heat with then the fuel you entered a value for.