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As with any piece of machinery that you buy, it requires regular servicing to keep it working efficiently, and it can prevent some problems before they arise.


The Heat Pump Group offers comprehensive heating repair and heat pump maintenance services on all brands of residential and commercial systems.


With regular maintenance you will prevent small problems from becoming big problems and ensure optimal performance of your system.


A short video introducing the Heat Pump Group and Fujitsi Heat Pumps.


Heatpump Troubleshooting

What do you do if you find your heat pump is not functioning properly?

The Heat Pump Group is happy to provide you with several tips and tricks that can possibly help you avoid a service call if you only discover a minor issue with your Heat Pump. However, most of the repairs listed are only temporary solutions and it is highly recommended that you follow up with a professional to ensure the proper operation and safety of your system.

Tips and Tricks for Your Heating System:

The Display on My Remote is Blank:

  • Check to make sure the batteries in the thermostat are working and inserted correctly.

The Display on My Wired Thermostat is Blank:

  • Check the circuit breaker for your Heat Pump. If the circuit breaker has been tripped, it can be reset by first moving back to the ON position.

My Heat Pump Is Not Heating:

  • Check the air filter(s) for your air conditioner and replace if needed.

What temperature should I set my thermostat to for cooling and heating?

  • Depending on your personal preference, comfortable and efficient temperature setting can range between 18-22 degrees for heating and 22-24 degrees for cooling.

My outdoor unit makes strange noises on cold nights, is there any reason to be worried?

  • Not usually, on a cold night a heat pump’s outdoor coil will freeze and it must be defrosted to preserve the unit’s heating efficiency. During this process the system will shift modes and may make loud whooshing noises.

I have seen my outdoor unit’s fan go off and on when in heating, is this standard?

  • Yes, this is typically related to the defrost cycle on a heat pump and is part of the normal operation.

I have seen steam blowing out of my outdoor unit, is there reason to be alarmed?

  • No, this normally occurs when the unit is in a defrost cycle. As the ice on the outdoor coil melts it will produce steam. The steam will rise from the unit and when the fan turns back on at the end of the cycle a burst of steam will rise from the unit all at once.

There is a lot of water around the bottom of my unit; does my unit have a leak?

  • No, following a defrost cycle the melted ice will cause the area surrounding the outdoor unit to be very wet at times.

None of the Suggestions Has Solved My Problem

  • Contact your local Heat Pump Group member or call The Heat Pump Group on 0508 4HPGNZ to schedule a professional to come out and assess the problem.